Your containers may be ordered in your choice of company color or fully hot dipped galvanized.

Customer service is a priority for us

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                          Service After Sale

Our job begins with the sale, but does not end with it. Certificate maintenance, slings, shipping, inspections, repairs, modifications, annual re-inspection. For the life of your container, our team will always be there.

SOC Offshore has everything taken care of for you. Buy with confidence and know your customer will always be fully satisfied.

Houston DNV 2.71 Shipping Containers, DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers, ISO Shipping Containers, DNV 271 Containers

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DNV 2.7-1 Standard
EN12079 European Standard
Certification and Testing

Dry Containers
Open Top Containers
Half Height Basket
Cargo Baskets

Mud/Trash Skips
Bottle Racks
Half Height Basket

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